A long experience and knowledge of how products are designed and manufactured, enables COFERC to offer complete solutions from the design table to the fully customized product according to client’s needs.

Please feel free to contact us for your projects, COFERC personnel shall be glad to propose our solutions.
About us
COFERC was founded in 1981 as “export department” of a group of producers of industrial components, mainly for household appliances, Over the years, its activity has been evolving continuously, establishing itself as a firm point of reference for industrial manufacturers mainly in the Middle East.

If a manufacturer has the multi-layer problem of defining a product, sourcing it throughout the European market, coordinating its shipment with several other products, financing the package and finally having it delivered under a reliable logistic chain, COFERC is the one stop solution.

Clients have realized how the services package offered by COFERC quickly turns into a saving by cutting dramatically the overheads of importing industrial components trough improved efficiency, cost cutting, and avoidance of costly mistakes.
Our Services
Our skills cover the entire cycle from the project down to the customized production.

Based on our competence and responsibility, we follow accurately each step of the process until the shipment so ensuring the good result for our clients.

We can take control over all steps including:

Customization of the product
Market research
Selection of best producers
Selection of the best solutions
Financial support
Payment guarantees
Testing operations
Support for inspection
Support for certifications
Complete logistic organization
Our Group
In 2007 COFERC was taken over by the Comarco Group, so inserting its operations within a large complex entirely dedicated to international trading.

The activities of Comarco and the associated Company Victoria go back to 1954, with about 1 billion € of direct sales, and an overall volume of handled business of several billion Euros across the word.

The main activities encompass the commodity trading (non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, and also spices, sugar, natural rubber, structured operations and trade finance).

Within the group COFERC is the unit responsible for the export of industrial components and semis for the industry.

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Tel: +39 010 5386600
Fax: +39 010 2722075
COFERC is member of
Victoria-Comarco Group of Companies
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